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Cameras for Haiti @ Vancon - Salute to Supernatural: Vancouver Convention

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August 17th, 2011

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08:55 pm - Cameras for Haiti @ Vancon
Hi!!  *waves*

I was one of the people who was lucky enough to qualify for the Hope to Haiti trip with Misha Collins's Random Acts.  One of the charities we worked with out there was the Art Creation Foundation for Children.  One of the things the kids enjoyed the most about our visit was playing with our cameras.  They treated them like they were precious and took great delight in taking beautiful pics of each other.

I know that some of  of us have old digital cameras that we replaced for newer models and that we don't use anymore.  If you have any like that, could I please have them?  The kids would love them and I promise they will go to a very good home.  The only caveats are that they are in working order and you have the bits  necessary for them to work straight out of the box.  It doesn't matter if they are tatty or have a low pixel count, they will be just as loved as if they were brand new :)

I will be at the Vancouver convention next week so if you are going and have anything to donate you can hand it to me in person.  If you're not going to be there and would like to donate I have fellow H2H ladies with addresses in the US, Canada, Europe and the UK you can send them to.  Either way, I can be contacted at camerasforhaiti@gmail.com or via Twitter @babelicious (I'm not on LJ very much). 

I'd just like to add that this is in no way affiliated with Random Acts.  It's just something a few of us who went on the trip would like to do.  These beautiful and resilient kids have nothing and were always willing to share half of that nothing with us which was very humbling.   We'd love for the Art Centre to have cameras the kids could play with and use for art projects.

You can read more about the Art Foundation here artforhaitianchildren.org/

Thank you :)
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